Yes, OK, I know. One person only (out of... how many billions?) doesn't solve anything... I take it as an experiment.

So, this is day 1.

As a day one, it was preatty successful: I didn't trow away any piece of plastic at all. Usual life: drinking tap water, carrying around my fabric bag, no visit to the supermarket. Mmmh, hold on, actually I used some yist (to make bread), it was wrapped in a piece of paper,which, as usual, was packed within plastic. Ok something went to the trash, still not bad at all.
It was about two years ago, when I've heard for the first time about this big "island" in the Pacific Ocean, formed by plastic trash... got scared, upset and astonished than this is not THE big thing to talk about and do something about. Last week, a friend of mine asked me if I'd had ever heard of it, and if I thougth if it truth or just a hoax. mmh a hoax? I wish! But unfortunately everything shows that it's not... here's one of the very many videos I've found about it:

What to do then? Well, apparently collecting all that garbage is not an option anymore -- just too much. So, the only "solution" is to at least stop producing trash. So, I decided to make an experiment: would it be possible to stop using plastic here and now -- Rome, September 2009? What necessarily requires plastic use in one's everyday life? Where are the difficulties in living without plastic?

Let's see....